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O’Neill Stairlifts offers Made in The U.S.A. Straight Stairlifts, Curved Stairlifts, Outdoor Stairlifts, Stair Chairs and Stairclimbers, Vertical Platform Lifts, Exterior Wheelchair Lifts, Wheelchair Lifts by Bruno and Harmar in Maryland, Washington D.C., Northern Virginia and all surrounding areas.

Call today for FREE In Home Consultation
30 years of reliable and quality service

O’Neill Stairlifts is dedicated with knowledge and experience to serve people needing help climbing stairs. Decreasing mobility causes this once simple task to become difficult or even impossible.

We have been providing and installing safe, reliable and economical stairlift solutions in Maryland, DC and northern Virginia for 22 years.

More than just a supplier or installer of these often life changing devices, O’Neill Stairlifts is a responsible and concerned customer service company. This means that our job is to help you determine your needs and tailor the right model stairlift for personal comfort, safety and best fit to the home.

Safety is the main focus of the family in considering travel between floors. That is why our history as an elevator installation company has well prepared us in installation technique and service troubleshooting. Self installation is highly promoted today as a low cost alternative to a professional trained technician. From strictly a safety viewpoint, please consider hiring us instead.

O’Neill Stairlifts has installed thousands of home stairlifts as well as residential wheelchairlifts in Baltimore, DC and Virginia. Our history includes public installations in places of worship, schools and buildings. The job we do for you will guarantee the highest quality equipment and peace of mind through skilled service in this specialized trade.


Our Service

O’Neill Stairlifts is a full service dealer. In today’s discount economy, we wish to provide the best price and value on the product. Equally if not more important is the quality and reliability of the dealer to respond now and in the future:

  • Be on call to help when someone is reliant upon the stairlift
  • Provide the best initial installation and timely service if needed from your area
  • Bring a vast supply of product knowledge and installation expertise on stairlift, wheel chair lift and residential elevator to you

This carries a large responsibility on our part, when called upon to assist a family, far beyond being the cheapest supplier of equipment to you.

What We Do

Our service begins with your home visit.

This is the first step in assessing the home environment and learning more about your specific residential stairlifts needs and physical challenges.

Stairway characteristics such as: handrails, moldings, landings and hallways are considered in presenting the chair in the safest position for the user and minimizing space for foot traffic.

Our experience has shown that this approach is favored over choosing a model of stairlift first. Every person, home and stairlift is different. Viewing the whole process ensures the best stairlift model is chosen and properly installed. Our long history of association with best stairlift manufacturers can provide the exact solution you are looking for.


With O’Neill Stairlifts , every stairlift installation is unique and is carefully custom fit for a person’s height and weight.

Seat height in relation to the floor is determined to facilitate standing and sitting with the greatest ease and security.
The stairlift is installed directly to the stairs. There is no attachment to the wall. All stairlifts are installed this way.

The span of stairs in conjunction with the top and bottom landing allow for a very safe, solid and secure mounting that is easily removable should the need arise.

Call today for FREE In Home Consultation
30 years of reliable and quality service

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